Hi, stranger. I’m Alex. I’m also an enterprising journalist, public policy enthusiast, and generally curious human being. I’ve currently swapped my reporting post in the Pacific Northwest for a year-long Editorial Fellowship at The Atlantic in Washington, D.C. 

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But, aside from the time zone difference (and dramatic increase in proximity to national monuments), my interests remain the same.  My lens is generally focused on social issues in city settings.

From housing equity to immigration policy, my stories tackle an interesting mix of topics that, at the core, share a similar thread: A person. Their story. And how it fits into the bigger picture. My previous work can be found in the Washington City PaperPortland Mercury, Street Roots, Street SensePortland Monthly, East Oregonian, Bitch Magazine and Idealist.org. 

When I’m not behind a computer or notepad, I can usually be found outside on a bike, in the woods, or doing crosswords in a park. I also contribute my time to Street Sense DC, as a volunteer reporter and editor.

Thank you for visiting my online portfolio.